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When you say your a feminist…I hope you really know what that means. It means standing up for women of color.

Standing by black women who must deal with being referred to as welfare queens or ratchet.

Being a feminist is standing beside immigrant women who deal with wage theft, unsafe working conditions, and being referred to as leaving anchor babies in America.

It means standing beside Native American women who face domestic violence and rape at unprecedented rates.

It means standing beside Muslim women who choose to live out their faith and face Islamaphobia, sexism and ignorance constantly.

It means standing beside Asian women who have been misrepresented in the media to be thought of as only submissive and quiet.

Please recognize that feminism impacts the lives of every single one of these groups…but we are all women

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A deer that catches stars in its antlers

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Women of the Revolution
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Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

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oh how the tables have turned

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Hi I feel cute today even though it’s one million degrees out

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